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Born out of a necessity to streamline the ticket buying process for concerts, Queued allows concert enthusiasts to reserve tickets to shows you would like to attend, then automatically purchases them when they go on sale. A reminder function allows the user to set a reminder for when tickets go on sale if they do not wish to commit to purchasing them as soon as they go on sale.


Onboarding and Searching

Queued stores your credit card information for seamless ticket reservations. After onboarding, your homepage will allow you to search for artists you're interested in tracking or reserving tickets for.



Once you've confirmed your reservation, your reservation will show up in your queue, where you can cancel or edit your reservation. Once tickets go on sale, they will automatically be purchased and will move lower in your queue. 



The "Remind Me" function mirrors the reservation user flow, and uses another color way to give the user a sense of place. The "Remind" feature serves the user who might not be sure if they will be available the night of the show, or if they will be able to afford tickets when they go on sale. 


Edits and Adjustments

Reminders join their own separate queue from the Reservations, and are able to edited, cancelled, or adjusted to become a reservation, rather than a reminder.